Our Services

We are a technically led Facilities Management service which self-delivers hard services such as mechanical, electrical, HVAC, fabric maintenance, small works and projects. We also deliver or manage on behalf of our customers soft services, including cleaning, front of house and security.

We use our own in-house designed technology to optimise delivery and minimise cost. Our digital tools and monitoring technology offer customers energy efficient solutions to help drive a zero carbon and long term sustainable future.


We are often asked about specific projects for both new constructions and existing facilities.

The exact needs vary, often with extensive design, consultation, and specialist work, but on each and every project, we use a collaborative approach to ensure we exceed our customer needs at every stage of the project.

As a result, we can deliver clear management, transparent costs, seamless work and an easy handover on completion. That’s why we’ve worked on such a broad range of assignments, from installations to multiple projects, across the UK for EDF, Houses of Parliament, GKN Aerospace, Hogan Lovell, University of Lincoln, Jewish Care and others.

We follow the BSRIA’s Soft Landing framework for each assignment, to improve performance whilst being focused on the main objectives. And as the principal contractor, we ensure that every project puts the safety of workers at its core and conforms to CDM regulations for health and safety.


Maintenance and Compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

Our engineers, electricians, and maintenance staff all work to keep our customers facilities running smoothly. And by using smart technologies, we can do this more intelligently. We constantly monitor your facilities and the assets within them, so we can spot possible issues before they happen. Allowing us to cut disruption to your business while saving you money on repairs.

We also help our customers by designing, refining, building and installing the systems they need to begin with. We have a vast experience across hard FM services, and are ready to help with everything from refrigeration to automation, based on smart asset management, that’s always compliant with statutory requirements.

Supplier Management

We choose our suppliers based not only on their capabilities but their ethos and support of our Guiding Principles.

We aim to build strong relationships that develop over time, which benefits Inviron, our supply partners and—most of all—our customers. In our experience, that means engaging and working with suppliers that share our mission and values.

We want clear, open communication and a commitment to high standards. We look for supply partners that prize innovation and quality, and give their people the chance to do their best work. And, more than ever, we want every one of our supply partners to embrace sustainable, responsible ways of working.

Customer Service Centre

Our helpdesk solution can provide you with a comprehensive tool for managing the delivery and performance of all service lines contained within your business. Providing the first point of call for all reactive calls and support requests, CSC is the hub of all management operations. Our solution allows you to have direct support resources and will provide the management information platform required to give visibility to our performance levels at any given time.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are a touchstone for everything we do. They help shape our behaviour and how we interact with our customers and colleagues alike. Everyone respects them and they continuously help us to ‘Succeed by delivering a better experience’.

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